2020 Season Pass Rates

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Family Season Pass
(4+ passes)
$75.00 each
Individual Season Pass
(1 – 3 passes)
$85.00 each

*Ages 2 and under are free. Season Pass prices include a 3% entertainment tax.*


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2020 Season Pass Perks!

Consider one of our many Season Pass Upgrades:

Season Pass Add-Ons

Gold Pass Upgrade - Bring one frend per day all season long!
(See below for FAQ)
+ tax
Tube Season Pass $25.00
Locker Season Pass $25.00
Tube & Locker Combo Pass - BEST DEAL! $35.00
Additional Tube Passes
(Requires a Tube & Locker Combo Pass purchase)


Is the Tube Season Pass for a single or double tube? For passes including tubes, you can choose a single or double tube each time you visit! The additional tube passes require a Tube & Locker Combo Pass.

Can my other family members use my Tube or Locker Season Pass if I am not there? No. The guest with the Tube or Locker Season Pass Add-on must be present in order to use a tube or locker for free.

Gold Pass FAQs:
What is a Gold Pass Upgrade? A Gold Pass Upgrade is an upgrade to a Raging Rivers Season Pass which allows the Gold Pass holder to bring in one guest per day during the waterpark season.

What are the benefits of a Gold Pass Upgrade? A Gold Pass Upgrade provides the flexibility and transferability our Season Pass Holders have asked for. It allows a child to bring a different friend each visit, or a sitter or grandparent. It also works for a dad or a teen who only comes to the waterpark occasionally. We believe a Gold Pass Upgrade will truly enhance your Raging Rivers experience for the entire summer, and it takes only four guest visits to pay off your Gold Pass Upgrade.

How much does a Gold Pass Upgrade cost? A Gold Pass Upgrade costs $100 + tax IN ADDITION TO the cost of a Season Pass. For example, if you paid $80.00 + tax for a Season Pass, it would cost $100 + tax more for a Gold Pass Upgrade, for a total of $180.00 + tax.

Can I buy only a Gold Pass Upgrade? No, you must purchase a regular Raging Rivers Season Pass first, then upgrade it to a Gold Pass Upgrade.

What if I already purchased my Raging Rivers Season Pass? A Season Pass can be upgraded to a Gold Pass Upgrade at any time for $100 + tax. Please call or visit the waterpark to purchase.

Who should the Gold Pass Upgrade be assigned to? It usually works best for families to put the Gold Pass Upgrade on one child’s Season Pass, so that child can bring a different friend, relative, or sitter each visit.

If you have any other questions not answered here, please call us at 618-786-2345 and we will be happy to assist you.